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Alex Groenewoud alex at
Thu Jan 22 13:51:39 PST 2004

Greg Schafer wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 11:08:09PM +0100, Alex Groenewoud wrote:
> > But I haven't yet heard a single valid argument against /lfs,
> Alex, you are ignoring reality. There have been plenty of arguments against.

Well, I found only four:
a) It shows the use of a variable.       (Okay.)
b) It could be used in here-documents.   (But isn't.)
c) It offers flexibility.                (Like which?)
d) The FHS forbids /lfs.                 (Untrue.)

> I'm still not sure what you're trying to achieve. It started off as "make a
> new dir in the filesystem root" and now it appears to have morphed into "get
> rid the variable representing the LFS partition".

It didn't morph, from the beginning it was both of those together. 
Maybe I should have separated the issues.

> There is no doubting that the $LFS variable is much less useful since the
> integration of plfs. I suppose we could get rid of it. But I'm strongly
> against using /lfs.

Your argument?

> Why can't we just continue to use /mnt/lfs but without the variable?

We could, but it's ugly -- or rather I find it ugly.  What's more, when
reading carefully, the FHS never speaks of subdirectories of /mnt, it
just says that _/mnt_ is provided to temporarily mount _a_ filesystem,
it doesn't mention subdirs nor speaks of filesystems.  I know it's
common practice to use subdirs of /mnt, but I don't like it.  What I in
fact would like to see the book use is not $LFS, not /mnt/lfs, not /lfs,
but /mnt.  But I guessed that would receive universal opposition.

> Making partition mounts under /mnt is the Unix way IMHO. Anything else is
> "admin preference" and borderline. The LSB lists have seen some lively
> flames about mount points in recent months i.e. /media and what not. Worth a
> read.

I can imagine.  When looking for FHS2.2, I grabbed 2.3beta too...  They
have gone mad!  No admin is going to give up /cdrom and /floppy and use
/media/cdrom and /media/floppy instead!  When I need to mount something
and /mnt is occupied, I do mkdir and mount it there.  Yes, _software_
should obey the rules.  But if an admin is not free to do whatever she
pleases on her own system, where have we ended up?


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