i18n for bootscripts

DJ Lucas dj at lucasit.com
Thu Jan 22 15:34:49 PST 2004

Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> Anyone have a better suggestion? I also had the idea to hardcode the console 
> font on the kernel (like the "loadkeys -m" command for keyboard layout), but 
> I still did not find information about this.

Is this why it's not a simple matter of writing them in the native 
language?  What about the default NLS kernel option?  Isn't this part of 
what that option is for? I know it's for the characters that make up 
filenames on the filesystem, but does it affect the console in allowing 
you to display non english chars too?  The kernel's helps system kindof 
implies that.  If that works, then for a quick switch, you could simply 
symlink /etc/rc.d/init.d -> ./init.d.LANG.

-- DJ

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