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Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Thu Jan 22 15:46:40 PST 2004

On Thursday 22 January 2004 17:51, Alex Groenewoud wrote:
> > Why can't we just continue to use /mnt/lfs but without the variable?
> We could, but it's ugly -- or rather I find it ugly.  What's more, when

Ugly?!? I think this argument does not apply to the UNIX directory hierarchy 
(I also woud love to have more readable names, and on my own language: 
/utilitários /ponto_de_montagem /opcionais). Also don't worry if it's "ugly"; 
it's only _temporary_ anyway, and you can remove it as soon as your LFS 
system is built.

> reading carefully, the FHS never speaks of subdirectories of /mnt, it
> just says that _/mnt_ is provided to temporarily mount _a_ filesystem,
> it doesn't mention subdirs nor speaks of filesystems.  I know it's

Okay, English grammar is not my area but, AFAIK, "a" does not necessarily mean 

Also, "it doesn't mention subdirs" because this is a choice for the 
administrator. Maybe they didn't mention this explicitly because they thought 
that it was enough clear (and it is, IMHO) that you can have any structure 
inside /mnt, especially because you can mount arbritary filesystems on 
arbritrary ways inside /mnt (like a filesystem inside another filesystem).

> common practice to use subdirs of /mnt, but I don't like it.  What I in
> fact would like to see the book use is not $LFS, not /mnt/lfs, not /lfs,
> but /mnt.  But I guessed that would receive universal opposition.

It's a possibility, but not smart enough IMHO. You will end up with a busy 
/mnt for hours (or even days) and will have to create additional dirs on / 
just to _temporarily_ mount other filesystems.

> /media/cdrom and /media/floppy instead!  When I need to mount something
> and /mnt is occupied, I do mkdir and mount it there.  Yes, _software_

Now, an "eliptical logic" question: if you have /mnt to mount temporary 
filesystems, but you can create any dir on /, including ones to mount 
temporary filesystems, why you have a /mnt dir on the first place?

Anderson Lizardo
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