Toolchain: more help needed for prob resolution?

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Mon Jan 26 05:28:08 PST 2004


I can't help but notice how many posts regarding "no such file...",
and/or other problems related to toolchain, that result in Greg or
someone saying "...  readelf...", etc. This in spite of the cautionary
statements, reminders, sanity check, etc., in the book (just reviewed
appropriate sections in the book and I don't ken how folks make the
mistakes they do sometimes).

Anyway, I'm getting the feeling that a lot of user thoughts seem to stop
at "I did everything the book said, why..." and then the post to the

Apparently they don't check the FAQ, etc.

What I'm wondering is if we can't help the situation a tad more. I don't
know, but I'm hopeful. Here's what I was thinking.

Greg or someone probably has a strong idea of a way to categorize these
sorts of posts he's seen.

Is it worth an attempt by adding some sections in a *few* places that go
something like

  "When you see some thing like ... 'no such file...', you may begin
  your problem resolution process by... checking the FAQ".

Of course, more suggestions (the ones most frequently offered) could
appear here too, but I know we'd want to be careful not to dupe too

I guess we could even include a topic in the FAQ to look for. And maybe
a couple of other basic steps they could take before posting to the
list. Although ISTM that much of this is already really covered, it just
seems that some percentage of folks don't connect what's in the book as
being tools they can use to start finding out why things are borked.

I know the FAQ is ref'd in the early parts of the book, but it seems to
get overlooked, or folks feel they don't know what to do next when they
hit the problem.

Whatcha' think?

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