New bootscripts maintainers

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon Jan 26 15:46:15 PST 2004

Hi guys,

I'm officially stepping down as the guy "in charge" of the bootscripts.
Haven't done any work on it in a long time, so this shouldn't come as a

Nathan Coulson and Jeremy Utley are taking over this job per immediate.

Quite some work has been done already by them two, so we can start
officially testing them soon, discuss what needs to be changed and all
that and finally get that bootscripts bug closed once and for all.

Website team: please update website's people.html page (The LFS Team)
and add the "LFS Bootscripts Maintainers" team listing Nathan and Jeremy
as the team members.

That's about it. Any questions? Please to lfs-dev, remove website from
the CC list.

Gerard Beekmans

/* If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem */

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