MAKEDEV-1.7 and hdx >hdg

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Mon Jan 26 21:35:16 PST 2004

> My vote would be to stick with current MAKEDEV until 2.6 kernel goes >
into the book and by then hopefully udev will be some sort of
> functional replacement (if udev can do this - I'm yet to play with
> udev).

Have been half-heartedly testing udev (under /udev, not /dev).

udev will create your device nodes on the fly as modules are loaded
and hotplug events generated.
(note however that unlike devfs w hotplug it wont auto-load modules
when you go to use a device that isn't there yet).

Doesn't seem to catch all of the devices at the moment though and
requires some setup... not ready for prime time, and probably won't
be for a while yet...


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