LFS on x86_64 notes

Andy Neebel aneebel at bradley.edu
Mon Jan 26 23:59:04 PST 2004

I have finished a more or less stable build of LFS on x86_64.  I posted the 
notes that I used here: http://hilltop.bradley.edu/~aneebel/lfs-biarch-notes

There is also a tar ball in the same directory that has the headers that I 
used.  There is a README that says what to do with them, and where I got 
them.  They come from the AMD64 version of suse 9.

Numerous patches are mentioned in the instructions, and I have some of them.  
I need to make some yet, and check what I do have though.  Most of the 
patches are easy enough to do by hand.  Either add --libdir= to configure, or 
edit the configure scripts by hand.  Glibc is the trickiest one, it has two 
varibles to be changed.  Once I get the patches, I'll post them there as 

I have also built many of the blfs packages using the same general idea.  
XFree86 doesn't need any changes, it detects the arch, and takes care of 
itself.  The main thing about building on x86_64, is that you can't copy and 
paste as much.  Libs are in both lib and lib64, and in order to get 
everything to work right, you must make the links for both arch's.

I plan to do another build soon, and will as soon as I have everything that I 
need installed on this system.  (I need to keep a good OS up so that I can do 
school work too).


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