copying the header files from /tools/include

Alex Groenewoud alex at
Tue Jan 27 13:53:01 PST 2004

Instead of unpacking the linux tarball again, making the version file 
and symlinks, and copying all the header files out, would it not be much 
shorter to just copy them from /tools/include?, with:

cp -a /tools/include/{asm,asm-generic,linux} /usr/include

Ian once objected that those files might have become contaminated.  I'm 
not sure what he meant.  Anyone see any objections?

Also, in my experience it's not necessary to touch the autoconf.h file 
in chapter 5: once I misspelled its name and only Sysklogd complained 
about its absence.  So touching this file could be done at the beginning 
of chapter 6.


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