RFC - bootscript error reporting

Jeremy Utley jeremy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jan 27 15:17:04 PST 2004

As the new co-maintainer of the lfs-bootscripts package, I'd like to get
the community's input on what I feel is a fairly serious problem with
the LFS-bootscripts - that is the hanging of the bootscripts when an
error is encountered.  We've all seen it before:

You should not be seeing this message! blah blah

Press Enter to continue.

This poses 2 problems - first, if the machine is unattended, this will
hang the reboot process.  Second, previous reports list that
occasionally hitting the enter key doesn't do the RightThing (TM) with
regard to this.  I propose to make the default bootscripts replace this
with a pause of a reasonable duration (5-10 secs), and then continue on
with the process.  The worst case if this is done that *I* personally
can think of is that some filesystems may not be properly unmounted on
the reboot, and might need to be fscked after the reboot.  It still,
however, gives the user who's watching the bootscripts proceed to see
the error that occured, and look into the problem when the system comes
back up.

Anyone see any major flaws with doing this?


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