RFC - bootscript error reporting

Jeremy Utley jeremy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jan 27 23:23:24 PST 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 20:58, IvanK. wrote:
> Jeremy,
> this is exactly what I have been doing, replacing the read with a
> echo "Waiting 5 seconds before continuing..."
> sleep 5

That's the idea - pause so the user can see the error if they are at the
console...but still proceed if the machine is running unattended.

> But I would suggest a different approach since we're discussing.  If fixing, 
> let's make it right.
> How about we actually pass the return value to print_error_msg inside rc, and 
> maybe the script that rc was processing when the error occured.  We can 
> assign different levels of importance to each script.  Something like 
> IMPORTANCE={0-2} where 0 is non-crucial, don't even report it, 1 is 
> important, report but continue and 2 critical, stop.   Maybe also a 3 that is 
> fatal, shutdown and write a file to / something like /fatal so that if a 
> reboot is attempted the first thing rc does is check if /fatal is present and 
> refuse to continue.  I'm thinking a corrupted fs would warrant such an 
> action.

While a nice idea...I'm not sure I'd like the job of determining the
importance level.  I still think pause the process, and let the user
make the determination themselves on how serious the situation is.

> So then, back to print_error_msg, we pass to it the name of the script and the 
> return value and we decide based on the script's importance level what to do.
> Just some crazy ideas, I know but hey, you asked :-)
> So yes, this is a good thing (tm) that we're discussing bootscripts.
> Oh, and since we are discussing, where do we stand on  static vs dhcp?  I 
> remember there was a long thread, but at some point I got distracted and 
> didn't see the end of it.  If there's an interest we should address this as 
> well and I can offer my approach.  I'm sure there'll be a better one.

The core bootscripts package will not support DHCP out of the box...but
the plan is as Nathan said - make them more modular and extensible so
the BLFS guys can add in DHCP without completely rewriting the network


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