RFC - bootscript error reporting

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Wed Jan 28 05:45:52 PST 2004

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Jeremy Utley wrote:

> As the new co-maintainer of the lfs-bootscripts package, I'd like to get
> the community's input on what I feel is a fairly serious problem with
> the LFS-bootscripts - that is the hanging of the bootscripts when an
> error is encountered.  We've all seen it before:
> You should not be seeing this message! blah blah
> Press Enter to continue.
> This poses 2 problems - first, if the machine is unattended, this will
> hang the reboot process.  Second, previous reports list that
> occasionally hitting the enter key doesn't do the RightThing (TM) with
> regard to this.  I propose to make the default bootscripts replace this
> with a pause of a reasonable duration (5-10 secs), and then continue on
> with the process.  The worst case if this is done that *I* personally
> can think of is that some filesystems may not be properly unmounted on
> the reboot, and might need to be fscked after the reboot.  It still,
> however, gives the user who's watching the bootscripts proceed to see
> the error that occured, and look into the problem when the system comes
> back up.
> Anyone see any major flaws with doing this?

The only obvious problem I see is the case of uncorrectable errors on
FSs. This looks like it might lead to an infinite loop of reboot, error
message, pause, continue, reboot ... ? Not sure if all this is implied
since I'm not sure what is included in "continue on ...".

I can't recall if certain critical errors on the root FS cause a rebot
or it throws the user into a single-user session.

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