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Billy O'Connor billyoc at
Thu Jan 29 06:14:50 PST 2004

Ronald Hummelink <maillist at> writes:

>> Also, a while back we discussed the frequency of releases and every 2 to
>> 3 months seemed to be a good number which will allow enough time to
>> properly test it and make sure it's solid. It won't be bleeding edge,
>> ever. That is what CVS is for.
> I think the release of the book should be much sooner if (high profile)
> vulnerabilities become known (Like the kernel last time). Only has to be
> a teeny version bump with maybe just 1 package upgrade, but imho that is
> the responsible thing to do.

But we still recommend that people use the stable version of the
book, so what does it matter if we have a "one off" version from cvs
that has some update or other?  IOW, the "responsible" version of the
book wouldn't be recommended for use, what good does that do us?

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