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James Robertson jwrober at
Thu Jan 29 09:06:44 PST 2004

Tushar Teredesai wrote:
> Gerard Beekmans wrote:
>>That also brings up the point why not use CVS all the time and even have
>>a stable release.
> Now you are thinking like the glibc maintainer :-)

Here Here!
> IMO, there is no need to release new versions based on security updates. 
> Any user concerned with security should atleast be subscribed to 
> lfs-security.

I agree with Tushar.  IIUC, one of our primary goals is education.  With 
that it mind, the stable version of the book should be generally current 
WRT package versions widely available, but does not have to be right on 
the edge.  The level/quality of instruction and the steps involved need 
to be stable and well tested for our audience to succeed.  We find 
issues with the latest versions of packages all the time that causes CVS 
to break.  A new person would not even begin to understand ,say, the 
whole coreutils POSIX thing. (Heck, I don't ;)  I think the current 
cycle is great.  Don't change a thing.  One major release every 6 months 
or or so gives all parties the ability to test the big changes to keep 
us moving.  Putting out minor point releases to known stable/tested 
packages and updates to the stable book is easy to accomplish with our 
branching method in place.  Maybe once a quarter on this one.

Does that make sense?  Here is a picture:

5.0 released Q403
      --> 5.1 released Q104
      --> 5.2 released Q204
6.0 released Q304
      --> 6.1 released Q404

etc, etc, etc.  You see the pattern.  Nothing BIG gets changed in a 
point release.  It is our "errata".  We keep generally current and 
stable once a quarter and then put out a big one twice a year.  Things 
that go into a point release can be security releated, but also just 
keep the package versions up to date and fix any "issues" with the 
instructions.  This does cause the editorial team to work in HEAD and 
then backport to a point release branch for some changes, but I think 
that would not be too hard.


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