RFC - bootscript error reporting

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jan 29 12:09:17 PST 2004

Bill's LFS Login wrote:

> I'm not sure about this one. I used to think that (true for real *IX).
> IIRC, someone pointed out that if the open and writes are non-blocking,
> the Linux kernel will let you proceed. But you see where my next point
> will go, right? BTW, I *think* I tested that non-blocking hypothesis and
> it was correct. But I would have to test again to confirm. And it may be
> that the kernel lets you open, but blocks you on write. I *seem* to
> recall that as the result of the test.

I was just going by the latest man-page and info file for mkfifo, which 
could certainly be out of date. However, I suspect that the actual FIFO 
implementation in the kernel implies that there is no buffer in 
existence unless a reader is attached to the FIFO.

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