Sezer Aygoeren sez at
Thu Jan 29 12:26:03 PST 2004


i am currently building new LFS-systems based mainly on CVS-version
(except glibc-2.3.2 instead of glibc-2.3.cvstarball). looking out for
newer stable versions while compiling, i found gettext-0.14 to be

so far i am in chapter 5, and gettext-0.14 compiled for my system.
although, for any reason configure seems to enable c# by default, so it
strangely enough did broke on my try 'by the book' with an:
/bin/sh ../lib/ -O -g -o GNU.Gettext.dll ./intl.cs
C# compiler not found, try installing pnet, then reconfigure
make[3]: *** [GNU.Gettext.dll] Error 1

simply adding configure-option --disable-csharp was enough to counter it!

while java stuff still does not seem to be switchable, i had the usual two
fails on make check for java stuff.

i will send in any further experience, i.e. about ch6 later on, to only.


sezer aygoeren (sez)

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