RFC: Bootscript Changes

DJ Lucas dj at lucasit.com
Sat Jan 31 08:51:49 PST 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:

> Anyway, I did some work on the bootscripts, and done a bit of modification
> [hopefully nothing that'll make people chase me with pitchforks].

> I'm not completely sure about sleeping 5 instead of pausing on most errors
> [This does not include checkfs].  I just prevented scripts for abnormally
> terminating by tinkering with evaluate_retval.  exit 1 still causes it to
> stop on errors.  [truth be told, I accidently submitted it].

My opinion has changed now as well.  I was all happy with a default of 
sleep5 with optional stop and wait, but now the reverse is true.  The 
stop is just safer.  If the user doesn't want it, then they can change 
the variable manually.


>         * Switched "Press enter to continue" to "Press <ctrl-j> to continue"

I had suggested this once before, and have not got an answer. Well 
actually, I might have, but it would've been lost in my mailserver 
problems.  Sorry Jeremy if I missed it.  Anyhow, Does there need to be a 
specific key (or key combination) pressed?  Why not just make it easy: 
"Press *any* key to continue..." and then use 'read -n 1'?  Have I 
missed anything in my simplicity?

<snip rest>

Lookin good already.

-- DJ

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