RFC: Bootscript Changes

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 30 23:29:33 PST 2004

> Nathan Coulson wrote:
>>Anyway, I did some work on the bootscripts, and done a bit of
>> modification
>>[hopefully nothing that'll make people chase me with pitchforks].
> Jermey inquired on blfs-dev about the handling of bootscripts for BLFS.
> My suggestion is to include the bootscripts needed for BLFS in the
> lfs-bootscripts package but not install them by default. That way the
> bootscripts would always remain synchronized between the two projects
> and the maintainence would be easier.

[notices the pitchfork comment was on the top still]

By bootscripts, do you mean the random/netfs, or do you mean scripts such
as the sshd startup/shutdown script?

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