Formal Complaint about off-list development discussions.

The Old Fellow nowhere at
Thu Jul 1 00:23:12 PDT 2004

Increasingly, LFS development discussions are taking place on IRC and in 
private emails.  This is unavoidable if we want things to move fast - 
and I do.

However, IRC cannot be monitored 24/7 by people wanting to UNDERSTAND 
the reasons for changes.  So this places some restrictions on how this 
can be used, in my opinion.  Private emails can't be monitored at all.

I would like the 'management' to institute an editor's rule that says:

"Discuss changes all you want, and in any way that works.  But, before 
committing a major change, email with a summary of the 
discussion for the LFS archives."

I'm not suggesting this for typo corrections and version updates.  The 
final straw for me was the move of hotplug's bootscript from rcsysint to 
rc3/4/5.  This may well be the right solution, but we should have the 
reasons logged in the archives.  And note that although Alexander was 
the committer, I gather that it was discussed on IRC, so there are 
several guilty parties, in my opinion.


The Old Fellow
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