Formal Complaint about off-list development discussions.

Ian Molton spyro at
Thu Jul 1 01:06:38 PDT 2004

On Thu, 01 Jul 2004 08:23:12 +0100
The Old Fellow <nowhere at> wrote:

> I would like the 'management' to institute an editor's rule that says:
> "Discuss changes all you want, and in any way that works.  But, before 
> committing a major change, email with a summary of the 
> discussion for the LFS archives."

No. not AGAIN. why isnt this understood by now?!

The way it was decided to be done, after LENGTHY discussion was that the unstable book was a playground, allowed to have ANYTHING done without discussion at  that exact moment, etc. This is the way it was decided allowed people to develop quickly. the .hackers list is a place where *unstable* devs can (if they like) discuss stuff more formally. (I dont entirely agree with this setup but the majority of developers like to work that way, so...)

It was decided that the deadline for discussion ON LISTS was before inclusion in the *testing* book, and that no change owuld be allowed to be merged with testing until it had been aired on the .dev mailinglist.

no part of the above process is hidden or closed. if you want to follow the leading edge you will have to keep up with it on IRC and in .hackers. If you dont want to follow the leading edge, thats OK, you can still be sure that changes wont ultimately be given the nod without public airing on .dev

What is WRONG and should not happen, is private discussion by email. theres no need for it. Anyone doing it should be shot at dawn.

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