Formal Complaint about off-list development discussions.

Ian Molton spyro at
Thu Jul 1 06:48:18 PDT 2004

On Thu, 01 Jul 2004 10:32:32 +0100
The Old Fellow <nowhere at> wrote:

> In the same way, I will continue to mail the list about the lack of 
> courtesy to those who contribute to the project, but were not on IRC
> at the time.  I am free to do that too.

No argument there, you can do what you like.

*Personally* I would prefer more development to be done on the
mailinglists, but, I have to admit that the real gruntwork has generally
been done (of late) by about 5 people on IRC, and its their preferred
medium for discussion. It *is* open and *is* logged. there are also the
CVS changelogs.

I dont agree with discussion going on in private, but to be honest I
havent seen much of that recently.

I would say that the 5 or 6 recent posts of mine to .hackers have been
well received. 

> IMO, the archives need this information, so that when unstable moves
> to testing there can be an informed debate about the changes from
> stable.

It certainly helps.

> I would prefer a greater explanation in the changelog, but realise the
> level of discipline involved would be beyond many people.  The truth
> is the contibutors to LFS see it as a fun hobby, rather than an
> important contribution to educating Linux-kind.

I think thats a bit unfair. I (and many others) see it as *both* those
things - and lets face it, no-ones paying me to do this...

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