Rendering Subversion version of HEAD

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Sat Jul 3 14:10:27 PDT 2004

Sorry for the late response on this, I was pretty busy this week.

On Wednesday 30 June 2004 17:18, Jeremy Utley wrote:
> No.  The commit scripts will run as the user MAKING the commit, not as
> user httpd.  So will need to be group-executable by one of
> the groups that has LFS Editors, and the lfs/view/unstable directory on
> the server will need to be owned by that same group, and also
> group-writeable.  Otherwise, the render WILL fail - I ran into this when I
> did render-on-commit on my server for BLFS. needs also to be group writable (and, of course, 
executable) for lfswww, otherwise the Website Team will not be able to change 
it if necessary. is already executable for everyone, so I don't think its 
permissions/ownership need to be changed.

I suggest creating a group where both LFS-BOOK and website team members are in 
(e.g. lfsscripts) and change lfs/{view,downloads} group ownership to that 
group. remember that need to be changed to reflect that, so 
you may need to notify the website list if you decide to create this group.

If you want the lfs editors to also be able to modify the 
script, just change its group ownership to this group.

The BLFS team may also want a similar aproach if they decide to use a post/pre 
commit process.

I'll now do the necessary changes to use subversion 
Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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