Rendering Subversion version of HEAD

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Sun Jul 4 15:18:38 PDT 2004

On Saturday 03 July 2004 21:00, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> > You mean moving that hard-coded "release table" to subversion properties?
> > If so, I think it's a good idea. I'm just finishing the new
> > now, It was simplified a lot, now it just needs to
> > receive a svn path (like "trunk" or "tags/v5_1_1") and an alias (like
> > "unstable" or stable"). By using properties, we can have the following
> > attached to e.g. the BOOK directory:
> >
> > stable=tags/v5_1_1
> > unstable=trunk
> > testing=branches/b6_0
> Yes, that exactly what I was thinking! However, in my mind it was going
> to be more "automatic", although that may not actually be possible... I
> was hoping the script could somehow scan the contents of the SVN repos,
> looking in trunk/ and tags/ for BOOK directories with a property of
> "render_to", or something like that. Whenever it finds a BOOK directory
> with that property, it would render the book into a directory in the
> lfs/view/... area named with the contents of the property.
> This would work nicely when the book moves to render-on-commit; when a
> commit occurs to the book, check the containing BOOK directory for a
> property called "render_to", and if it's there, re-render the book to
> the named place.

This seems to be possible. As already expects to receive 
the SVN path of the tree to be rendered, it can check that property before 
doing rendering. The only problem I can see is with the "repository scanning" 
you suggested. I suppose the script will become increasingly slower with new 
tags/braches added. As branching/tagging is a cheap operation on subversion, 
I foresee many of them coming ;).

IMHO that "scanning" would actually only be useful if we decide to continue 
using cron for running nightly builds. But with a post-commit process that 
would not be needed anymore, as is more resource-savy to only render the 
trees that have changed _and_ are marked with the "render_to" (or 
"render_me" :) property.
Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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