Testing branch proposal

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 4 23:14:45 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Greetings, dev readers!
> Now that GCC 3.4.1 has been released, the time I believe has come to
> consider cutting LFS to a testing branch.  However, the question is,
> what to bring with us to the testing branch.  Here's the new things
> we're looking at for the new LFS 6.0 testing branch, from what I can
> see:
> 1) Kernel 2.6
> 2) NPTL
> 3) Newer Glibc version
> 4) GCC 3.4.x
> 5) Udev
> 6) Hotplug

Also, readline has been added. This was supposed to be addressed
before unstable went to testing (seemed to have much controversy
last time the subject came up).


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