Hotplug can bring up/down interfaces now

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Sun Jul 4 22:24:28 PDT 2004

I recently committed a change to ifup and ifdown, where if IN_HOTPLUG is
set to 1 [should be in environment], and ONHOTPLUG is set to yes in
ifconfig.*,  if the kernel sends a eth0 up hotplug command, it can bring
up the eth0 interface [or down, as the case may be].

tarball for testing is located at:

This will not affect our current network setup any, and requires explicit
configuration to enable this functionalty [to be precise, echo
"ONHOTPLUG=yes" >> /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0].  (I do
not suggest setting ONBOOT=yes, when ONHOTPLUG is set to yes).

I am hoping someone can test the above change.  All I have done, is
IN_HOTPLUG=1 ONHOTPLUG=yes ./ifup, to see if it reached a certain
location, and changing the contents of the above to see the effects.

I have attempted to discuss this before [as well as alexander], and have
not seen any negative feedback [or positive].  Please reply if this change
is unacceptable.

There are still some problems, which will not be addressed at this time,
but are being discussed.

a) it sends eth0, it will not send eth0:0, or any other alias name.  [as
eth0 is the name of the interface].  (Please note that eth0 is an example,
and can probably be replaced with other simular network interfaces)
b) other protocols in BLFS cannot share the ifconfig.eth0 [at this time],
and therefore ifup eth0 will not trigger them.  There were some
suggestions on the network summary email, but no responses.

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