Hotplug can bring up/down interfaces now

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Mon Jul 5 07:15:05 PDT 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:

> a) it sends eth0, it will not send eth0:0, or any other alias name.  [as
> eth0 is the name of the interface].  (Please note that eth0 is an example,
> and can probably be replaced with other simular network interfaces)

And just to document what's already been discussed on IRC for those who 
were no there, this point is a non-issue if the book moves away from 
net-tools and to iproute2 (which has already been decided), because in 
that case aliases are not used (and are not needed). Nathan, Alexander 
and I (and others) have already discussed a method whereby ifconfig.eth0 
can contain multiple IP addresses and "ip address add" can be used to 
add them to a single interface, but this will have to wait for the book 
to have iproute2.

> b) other protocols in BLFS cannot share the ifconfig.eth0 [at this time],
> and therefore ifup eth0 will not trigger them.  There were some
> suggestions on the network summary email, but no responses.

Also discussed on IRC, Alexander will be offering a patch in a day or 
two that will support multiple services being listed in ifconfig.eth0, 
of the form "SERVICE=static,ipx,...". This will solve this problem, as 
all configuration related to a physical interface will be kept in a 
single file, instead of in multiple files (for different protocols) as 
it is currently.

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