Hotplug can bring up/down interfaces now

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Mon Jul 5 10:23:05 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Also discussed on IRC, Alexander will be offering a patch in a day or
> two that will support multiple services being listed in ifconfig.eth0,
> of the form "SERVICE=static,ipx,...".

You mean something like this patch?  Basically, all I did was save $IFS, 
reset it to just a comma, and insert a for loop around the old code that 
checked for the existence of the script, then ran it.  Then I restored 
$IFS (not that it matters, but oh well).

(Sorry Alexander, but I saw something I could do, and did it.  Hope you
don't mind too much.  ;-))

Note: This hasn't been fully tested as part of a boot, but I did run
through the for loop and the check inside it (everything except actually
running the services/* scripts) on suitable variables, and it does seem
to work the same.  This was done from a plain old bash session.  All the
same, it would probably be good if somebody else gave it a quick

Also, I could only test it with bash, so I'm not entirely sure that
it'll work with ash (though I think it will).
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