[RFC] Package Rationale

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jul 5 13:57:36 PDT 2004


Archaic brought up something that comes up often about package additions 
in the book here:


I think that when we go to testing for 6.0, it would be a good idea to 
write up a page in the introduction somewhere about how we decide on 
what packages go in and then for each package in ch5 and 6 we add a 
"rationale" or some such section at the top of the page (in with SBU's?) 
to explain the reason for it's inclusion.

Some packages like the toolchain are no brainers, but other's aren't so 
clear cut and the reasons why the package was added is sometimes for 
gotten or hard to find in the mailing list archives.

I that with the page added in the intro on criteria and rationale for 
package selection and then the exact rationale for each package's 
inclusion in the book by chapter (since ch5 has a different use than 6) 
we can hopefully help to alleviate some of the contention of what goes 
in and what doesn't.

This is also an excellent educational opportunity as we can explain not 
only what the package does (we have this now), but why a base system 
needs it.


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