I leave the project

Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Tue Jul 6 20:32:13 PDT 2004

Sorry for all the mess that I have done with the book. I want to leave 
the project because it is not exaclty what I need, and I disagree with 
the roadmap. My bad.

Now Jeremy and Jim explained me my mistakes, and I agree with them. The 
main mistake is that I haven't realized that a book that works for 
everyone without deviation _is_ a distro, and that's bad. (To clarify 
myself, addition of packages that is not a result of broken dependencies 
is not a deviation.) We should be an educational tool, not a distro.

Packages built in LFS should not work out of the box (they should be 
with their bad default configuration), otherwise LFS will become a distro.

In short, I want not LFS, but some other project.

So please rethink and possibly remove all my contributions, including 
i18n. It's your project, and you decide what you want in it. Once again, 
I don't ask you to remove everything unconditionally, I just ask you to 
rethink my contributions.

Also, I am very sorry that I am 75% of the reason why Jim left the project.

Alexander E. Patrakov
To get my address: echo '0!42!+/6 at 5-3.535.25' | tr \!-: a-z | tr n .

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