I leave the project

dalriada at indy.net dalriada at indy.net
Wed Jul 7 08:48:36 PDT 2004


I'm sorry you're leaving and I wish you wouldn't.  LFS is a community where
everyone's ideas need to be accepted even if they aren't implemented. 
We're friends and that's more important than other things.  Often, people
may have differing opinions but friendship needn't suffer because of that. 
Our differences are what make us unique and LFS needs every member with all
their special talents, gifts and specialness.  And, why can't we have an
lfs distro in addition to the original?  I believe there is room for every
idea under the umbrella of LFS.  The standard one, the bleeding edge one,
the distro one... a place for everyone and every idea.

Kind regards,


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