i18n: summary

Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Thu Jul 8 07:25:06 PDT 2004

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> These steps are sufficient to get a fully usable system in Europe and
> Russia. In fact, this level of i18n is _complete_ in locales that
> utilize single-byte character sets and left-to-right writing order, for
> packages that use gettext. The following enhancements could still be
> made in LFS:
9) Correct the example of /etc/sysconfig/console.

Was, in chapter 7:

cat >/etc/sysconfig/console <<"EOF"
KEYMAP="es euro"
FONT="lat9-16 -u iso01"

"iso01" should be replaced with "lat1". This corrects the problem with 
line drawing characters. Already fixed in SVN LFS-bootscripts.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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