LFS-6.0 print process

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Thu Jul 8 11:42:53 PDT 2004

> Nathan Coulson wrote:
>> Further changes I wish to commit
>> --------------------------------
>> Configuring the network interfaces via the interface name, instead of an
>> arbritary name.  [aka, all protocols on eth0 should be in
>> ifconfig.eth0].
>> There are 2 systems for consideration,
>> a) SERVICE="static,ipx,pppoe" #[with or without ,'s].
>>     [all variables that'll be utilized by the static, ipx, or pppoe
>> scripts included]
>>   Patches are on lfs-dev, and would need some testing to verify.
>> b)
>> SERVICE=static
>> IP=
>> SERVICE=static
>> IP=
>> SERVICE=ipx
>> num=123456
>>   Organized simular to grub's menu'lst, and the different services can
>> be
>> better organized.  A bit of extra scripting to implement, there was a
>> basic example on how this could be done on lfs-dev, but it was
>> psedocode.  (Anything above the first SERVICE= line would be set for all
>> configurations)
>> I would prefer b, if we even want this for the 2.1.3 release.  (Depends
>> on
>> the testing timeline).
> FYI, I'm working on a patch against 20040704 for b.  I'll respond again
> (in this thread) when it looks like it's probably usable (hopefully
> tonight).  Whether it ends up getting into 2.1.3 or not isn't for me to
> decide, but FWIW I don't see much wrong with it.  (Other than the fact
> that we'll have to duplicate a little of bash's parsing manually -- oh
> well though.)

b's not as easy as I thought it was );  (Sorry)

I was playing around with it myself, the problem I got now, is I have to
save the value of SERVICE between executions.  [Jim I think is also
playing around with it].  Between the 3 of us, perhaps one of us wont get
stuck (::.  Perhaps I cant use subshells like I want to.

oh well, if it doesnt work, we got your work on a.

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