Paper sizes and margins

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Jul 8 15:17:28 PDT 2004

Hi there,

The book will be printed in this format:

Paper width: 7.25 inches
Paper height: 9.25 inches
Text width: 6.375 inches
Text height: 7.5 inches

text width/height refers to the box where the actual text will be in.

Vertical offset: 0.5 inches from the top of the paper
Left side margin on odd pages: 0.5 inches
Left side margin on even pages: 0.375 inches

Just so there is no confusion: even pages are the ones on the left, odd
ones are on the right. The reason the odd page margin is slightly larger
is because the odd pages are bound on the side of the page (whereas with
the even pages this happens on the right, or at the end of the page form
a text flow perspective).

This has the effect that with a fixed sized text box (6.375 inches), the
right margin on even pages is slightly larger to accomodate the binding
and the text on odd pages runs a little further to make up for the
larger left margin.

So they balance eachother out. It's important this gets incorporated
into the stylesheet.

The last time the book went to print this could not be accomplished
easily with the then available tools so I transformed the printed book
version into LaTeX and used the LaTeX commands to define the paper size,
margins and text boxes and render the PS and PDF files from that. I hope
this won't be necessary this time.

Gerard Beekmans

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