Bootscripts for new book

James Robertson jwrober at
Thu Jul 8 19:52:09 PDT 2004

Nathan, et all,

I wanted to know if a few things can happen to the bootscripts and init 
process for the new book (6.0).

1) Make init and the bootscripts support an interactive startup process. 
  RH shows a very brief "Press I for interactive startup" just before or 
right at the init start.  If you catch it right, you can then step 
through each script and skip one you know is causing problems, or you 
just don't want this boot up.  This is an excellent troubleshooting 
tool, IMO.

2) The network scripts for LFS 5.1.1 that come with an out of the box 
build, don't seem to support the ONBOOT variable correctly.  This is how 
to reproduce the error.  Setup only one interface file - ifconfig.eth0 
and set all you want in there, but make sure ONBOOT=no is set.  Now 
setup the sysconfig/network file like you normally would for a static 
setup with any value set for GATEWAY.  The network bootscript will crap 
out when trying to run the code to set the default gateway to an 
interface that does not exist.  The section of code just above it works 
fine and skips because I set the ONBOOT=no.  I would fix it myself, but 
am not good enough with scripts to do so.  If this has been fixed in a 
later version, please ignore.

3) Update the eval_retval() function to support more diagnostic info 
like what script made the call, what line the error was returned from, etc.


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