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Nathan Coulson conathan at
Thu Jul 8 21:23:30 PDT 2004

> Nathan, et all,
> I wanted to know if a few things can happen to the bootscripts and init
> process for the new book (6.0).
> 1) Make init and the bootscripts support an interactive startup process.
>   RH shows a very brief "Press I for interactive startup" just before or
> right at the init start.  If you catch it right, you can then step
> through each script and skip one you know is causing problems, or you
> just don't want this boot up.  This is an excellent troubleshooting
> tool, IMO.

Could be considered for later.  I think there was a reason this was not
added long ago, but I wasn't there then.

> 2) The network scripts for LFS 5.1.1 that come with an out of the box
> build, don't seem to support the ONBOOT variable correctly.  This is how
> to reproduce the error.  Setup only one interface file - ifconfig.eth0
> and set all you want in there, but make sure ONBOOT=no is set.  Now
> setup the sysconfig/network file like you normally would for a static
> setup with any value set for GATEWAY.  The network bootscript will crap
> out when trying to run the code to set the default gateway to an
> interface that does not exist.  The section of code just above it works
> fine and skips because I set the ONBOOT=no.  I would fix it myself, but
> am not good enough with scripts to do so.  If this has been fixed in a
> later version, please ignore.

We dont actually recommend seting the gateway in the sysconfig/network
file anymore,  perhaps that could be taken out.  (I wanted to leave stuff
in, for reverse compatibility until we got to a 2.2 release).

> 3) Update the eval_retval() function to support more diagnostic info
> like what script made the call, what line the error was returned from,
> etc.

The scripts themselves should probably provide such information, as
evaluate_retval wont know what program was executed last...  Unless you
are talking about the "Unexpected error" script, which also wont know
where a script was exited from or what program it was executing... 

> Thanks
> James

wish I could help more...

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