MultiProtocol per interface support (was Re: LFS-6.0 print process)

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Thu Jul 8 21:29:20 PDT 2004

> Bryan Kadzban wrote:
>> for SCRIPT in $network_devices/ifconfig.$1/*
>> do
>>     # a bit of error checking
>>     ${SCRIPT} $1 up
>> done
> Whoops -- that should be:
> for FILE in $network_devices/ifconfig.$1/*
> do
>      SERVICE=${FILE##*/[0-9][0-9]}   # or however many digits
>      # error checking
>      $network_devices/services/${SERVICE} $1 up $FILE
> done
> Where the difference is, the first loop will run each of the files in
> ifconfig.$1, and the second will run each of the files with the same
> base name as the ones in ifconfig.$1, but which are stored in
> .../services/ instead.  The second passes the filename storing the
> variables' definitions.
> --

When I proposed that to some people on IRC, they said it was unnecessary
bloat...  [I admit, I do not entirely understand their complaints]. 
That's how we got the SERVICE="static, pppoe, ipx" idea...

(I dont want to go ahead and commit something that nobody really wanted...
 and when I posted it to the list, nobody replied to it)

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