Bootscripts for new book

James Robertson jwrober at
Fri Jul 9 06:34:24 PDT 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:

> We dont actually recommend seting the gateway in the sysconfig/network
> file anymore,  perhaps that could be taken out.  (I wanted to leave stuff
> in, for reverse compatibility until we got to a 2.2 release).

I would think for 6.0, that breaking support for the old 2.0.x series 
would be ok.  This is a broken thing though in the old scripts and I 
would think warrants an quick update to stable (until a new stable takes 
it's place which is a way off)

>>3) Update the eval_retval() function to support more diagnostic info
>>like what script made the call, what line the error was returned from,
> The scripts themselves should probably provide such information, as
> evaluate_retval wont know what program was executed last...  Unless you
> are talking about the "Unexpected error" script, which also wont know
> where a script was exited from or what program it was executing... 
> (sorry)

Yea, that could work.  What about a generic error handler function in 
functions?  That way you only have to code one main error handler, and 
then pass parameters to it.


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