Bootscripts for new book

James Robertson jwrober at
Fri Jul 9 06:39:38 PDT 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:

>>1) Make init and the bootscripts support an interactive startup process.
>>  RH shows a very brief "Press I for interactive startup" just before or
>>right at the init start.  If you catch it right, you can then step
>>through each script and skip one you know is causing problems, or you
>>just don't want this boot up.  This is an excellent troubleshooting
>>tool, IMO.
> Could be considered for later.  I think there was a reason this was not
> added long ago, but I wasn't there then.

I have been around since 4.0.  Maybe not long enough to know about that 
either.  I think that the biggest piece is probably a patch to the 
sysvinit package and not really to your scripts.  I'll poke around on 
RH's or sysvinit's sites and see if I can find anything.


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