LFS-Bootscripts 2.2.0-pre1 released

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Sat Jul 10 18:12:26 PDT 2004

Just wanted to get a release ready for testing, but wanted to make sure I
did not yank anything important

as usual, here's the major items in the changelog

ONBOOT is now checked by sourcing the ifconfig.eth0 file within a
subshell, instead of grepping for ONBOOT=yes.

depth is passed in cleanfs, so you wont get errors on files already deleted

hotplug was moved from rcsysinit.d to rc3,4,5 [This will probably be
rethought out, after the testing branch is ready].  Hotplug was also moved
back to contrib, and you need to type in make install-hotplug to install

Halt the computer if you cannot mount a ramfs onto /dev.

updated /etc/sysconfig/console example file

use of ip instead of iproute2 to bring up TCP/IP interfaces

Removed GATEWAY= and GATEWAY_IF= lines from /etc/sysconfig/network
compatibility  (now to be used within ifconfig.eth0, as GATEWAY=)

No longer check for ifup-eth0 and ifdown-eth0, as it would be preferrable
to write your own service and insert it into the services directory.

Removed the assumption that SERVICE=static, if users have not set the
SERVICE= variable.

If anyone knows of anything left in for compatibility purposes (that I
missed), please let me know.

Last but not least, if ifup or ifdown was called from the hotplug
net.agent file, you MUST have ONHOTPLUG=yes for it to bring up the
interface.  [This would prevent hotplug from just bringing up interfaces
as it wishes, and also gives us the option to configure hotpluggable
network devices at a undefined later date].

  Since we are going for new releases of the LFS book, I would like to
rename the dhcp, and static scripts to ipv4-static and ipv4-dhcp.  This
has no technical advantage, but the time is right if we want to do it.

  static IP Routes, I dont know what the progress on this is,  but kevin
had a nice patch earlier.  [I admit, I dont know if anyone ever played
with it].  I would like to combine this with the proposed changes to
make ifconfig.eth0 a optional directory, and it could probably wait for
the next release.

  ifconfig.eth0 as a directory.  Again, I would like to wait until the
next release, but one thing I do wish to change is the source
ifconfig.eth0 line in /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/services/static
[and BLFS services] to source $SOURCE (or something simular)  [I am not
sure what I should name the variable yet, and
SOURCE=/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0 is the best I can
come up with].  (I just wish I could pass unknown unexported variables
to the next bash script, would solve everything nicely).

unless otherwise stated, next release means bootscript version, not LFS

I suggest that this be added to the testing and unstable branch, as this
contains (I hope) all we need to get iproute2 working in LFS.  [and of
course, add iproute2].  I do not want to make an official release until I
am certain it is ready.

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