LFS-Bootscripts-2.2.0-pre2 released [was Re: LFS-Bootscripts 2.2.0-pre1 released]

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Sat Jul 10 20:38:54 PDT 2004

IF you reply, please take off the was part.


First, the static bootscript was renamed to ipv4-static.  I wanted a name
that'll show off the fact it is a tcp/ip protocol, as there will be ipv6
in the future (distant?), and is a bit more clear then static.

We have finished the network configuration via directories, [modifications
to the network script, as well as ifup and ifdown].  Since they were not
ran before this release.

from lfs-bootscripts 2.2.0-pre1
>   Since we are going for new releases of the LFS book, I would like to
> rename the dhcp, and static scripts to ipv4-static and ipv4-dhcp.  This
> has no technical advantage, but the time is right if we want to do it.


>   static IP Routes, I dont know what the progress on this is,  but kevin
> had a nice patch earlier.  [I admit, I dont know if anyone ever played
> with it].  I would like to combine this with the proposed changes to
> make ifconfig.eth0 a optional directory, and it could probably wait for
> the next release.

pending, it would be a replacement for setting the gateway command in the
ipv4-static script.

>   ifconfig.eth0 as a directory.  Again, I would like to wait until the
> next release, but one thing I do wish to change is the source
> ifconfig.eth0 line in /etc/sysconfig/network-devices/services/static
> [and BLFS services] to source $SOURCE (or something simular)  [I am not
> sure what I should name the variable yet, and
> SOURCE=/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0 is the best I can
> come up with].  (I just wish I could pass unknown unexported variables
> to the next bash script, would solve everything nicely).

it was named IFCONFIG.  BLFS will have to be updated for the testing
release.  Having ifconfig.eth0 as a directory is now an option, and will
probably require 2 files under the directory for static routing, if we
decide to get rid of GATEWAY= line.

Required Testing:
  Nathan Coulson and Kevin P Flemming have went over how the scripts
looked, but did not test the execution of the scripts.  We have the
following cases to examine

a) no ifconfig.* files at all
b) ifconfig.eth0 file,
c) ifconfig.eth0/ipv4 [remember, SERVICE=ipv4-static]
d) ifconfig.eth0/ipv4-2 [just an alias]

also, we must verify that ONBOOT=yes [and other ONBOOT= variations] still
work as expected.

the BLFS scripts require some modifications to work, by changing
. $network_devices/ifconfig.$1, to

otherwise, they should work as expected.

ifup eth0 should be able to do the following
if ifconfig.eth0 is a file, it'll execute as before
if ifconfig.eth0 is a directory, it will execute all scripts in the directory

you may pass the seperate protocols in after ifup eth0 [using above
examples, ifup eth0 ipv4 will bring up ipv4.  You should be able to bring
up multiple protocols at once].

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