LFS-Bootscripts 2.2.0-pre1 released

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Sun Jul 11 06:18:55 PDT 2004

> On Sat, 10 Jul 2004 19:12:26 -0600 (MDT)
> "Nathan Coulson" <conathan at conet.dyndns.org> wrote:
>> I suggest that this be added to the testing and unstable branch, as
>> this contains (I hope) all we need to get iproute2 working in LFS.
>> [and of course, add iproute2].  I do not want to make an official
>> release until I am certain it is ready.
> Once you've got a relatively stable release ready (i.e. you don't
> *think* it has any issues) then feel free to bump the version number
> (and instructions/explanations if appropriate) in the book.  Feel free
> to put a 'pre' release in if you feel it warrants wider exposure
> before releasing a 'stable' release - we'll bump it again if necessary.
> As far as adding'iproute2' to the book, my working copy has all of the
> changes except for the actual'iproute2' page(i.e. net-tools has been
> removed, and other related changes have been made). I'm just waiting on
> Jim to provide that, which he's dealing with already, so this change
> will be complete a.s.a.p.
> Thanks for your efforts on this,
> Matt.
> --

you'll have to wait until I get some time to test that network interfaces
are still brought up as expected.  And as of this moment, I do not know
how to *bump* up the bootscript version, but I assume it is finding the
XML boot-version variable, and updating that.

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