A few notes on testing

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 11 19:19:09 PDT 2004


I had a few notes left over from 5.1.1 that are still present in testing 
that I wanted to throw out there.

1.) CH5 - at the end, before the strip command - would it be ok, to add 
a list of "optional" packages to the tools set?  I was thinking of vim 
and less for sure.  We would not provide instructions of any kind 
(pointer to ch6), just a "hey, we don't need these directly, but they 
may come in handy in ch6" page.  I know, we don't want to provide too 
much option in the book - one path only - but this small change is more 
for testers and such that could use the reminder of other things that 
could be useful.

2.) End of CH6, before strip - mention TCL, Expect and DejaGnu before 
the strip command.  That way, if one decides to go with those, they will 
have them already before the strip and won't have to go back and do it 

3.) Is there a way to educate the user on how to strip at each package 
install?  Worthwhile?  I think so.

4.) The (now removed redirected) link to the kernel build howto mentions 
two packages (lspci from pciutils) and mkinitrd.  Would it be a good 
idea to put these in LFS as base packages?  My rationale would be for 
kernel building dependency.


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