LFS-Bootscripts-2.2.0-pre2 released

Archaic archaic at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 11 21:13:17 PDT 2004

On Sun, Jul 11, 2004 at 11:33:40PM +0100, Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Seriously, if everyone involved in the discussion is happy with the
> solution(s) put forward (I'm thinking namely Archaic, DJ, Nathan, Kevin,
> Bryan) then I'm happy for them to go into testing.

I don't know how I'm really part of this as my question was unrelated,
but I'll throw my 2 bits in... while most people will likely be setting
up one interface and one service, the directory structure is a clean
method of handling most needs (regardless of how many people even need
them) with one generic set of scripts. That sounds like a win/win to me.


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