Host system requirements

Ronald Hummelink maillist at
Mon Jul 12 03:23:34 PDT 2004

Georgi Chulkov wrote:

>I'm not sure if this is the right mailing list for this question.
>Please tell me if it is not, and I will send it where it belongs.
>After making a 5.1.1 system (to get some experience) I decided to try
>the testing 6.0 because it has the new 2.6.7 kernel. As a host system,
>I am using Knoppix 3.4 which is a live-CD that has the 2.6.5 kernel
>compiled with GCC 2.95.4. The book says I shouldn't continue with that
>kernel; however I'm not sure how I'd rebuild a kernel on a CD-based
>distribution like Knoppix. Is there a way to install it on the hard
>disk and upgrade its kernel then, or do I need to get another host
>distribution? Or should I just ingore the warning or maybe wait for the
>stable 6.0 release of LFS?
exec 'hdinstall' or something like that from a shell. Then rebuild the 
kernel using gcc 3.

People say that knoppix 3.4 can build lfs 6, however, the glibc 
testsuite will segfault all over... they also say the produced binaries 
ARE correct. You simply lack the verification of running the testsuite.



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