Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Jul 12 13:52:27 PDT 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:

>>I obviously don't want to offend anyone here (or maybe it's too late for
>>that? :)).
>>has a comprehensive list of people to acknowledge, although I'd hesitate
>>to say that not all of them have a *direct* influence on the LFS book.
>>As such is it still fitting to mention them in the (printed) book
>>itself? e.g. members of the ALFS, BLFS and HLFS projects are mentioned
>>I realise that mentioning this will touch some nerves as it begins to
>>treat the LFS Project and the LFS Book as separate entities. I
>>personally think that the LFS Book should contain acknowledgments for
>>LFS Book leads, editors and supporting staff (website - including
>>mirrors, FAQ, translators).  Other folks should (quite rightly) be
>>acknowledged, but in the particular books that they've contributed to.
>>This may mean that someone gets mentioned in more than one
>>place(particularly the mirror maintainers), but I don't see a problem
>>with that.
>>Thoughts? Comments?
>makes sense to me.  [no clue where I would fit in though]

In all technicality, you are now an LFS editor at this point, so you 
would definately fit in as one of those who is acknoledged in the LFS book.


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