[RFC] bootscripts change for link up/down

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Mon Jul 12 14:50:29 PDT 2004

> I'd like to suggest one more change for the bootscripts for 2.2.1... "ip
> link set up" and "ip link set down" should not be in the ipv4-static
> service, but rather they should be in ifup/ifdown.
> In ifup, "ip link set up" would be run after all the services for that
> interface have been run, so it won't be "turned on" until it's ready.
> In ifdown, "ip link set down" would be run before the services for that
> interface are run, so it's "turned off" before the services are asked to
> shut down the interface.
> This will allow usage of ifup/ifdown even for interface that are not
> using ipv4-static at all (like bridged interfaces, or IPX only, or
> whatever). Future service scripts should also leave the interface "link
> state" alone, and let the ifup/ifdown scripts handle it.
> Comments?

Makes sense to me [I am still new with iproute2 stuff though].

Only problem is, the way the bootscripts are currently designed, they call
ifup for each and every file within the ifconfig.eth0 directory.

no clue on how that should be handled.

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