Jim Gifford lfs at
Mon Jul 12 16:16:19 PDT 2004

The problem with LFS is that when people try to do the right thing it gets
questioned, even if it is the correct action. The manifesto's don't seem to
be working. I even doubt my idea of a controlling group would actually work
with the current state of personalilties. The bottom line is, that we need a
dominant entity at the top of the chain like Gerard was. I know Matt has
tried to be fair, but now he needs to drop the hammer and make LFS what it
was previously a respectable project, right now we look like a joke because
of all the internal politics.

The volunteers idea is a bad thing, because you got the here today gone
tomorrow syndrome. We need a core team of developers who are specific in
what the can provide, and the only person who can change their direction
would be the leader. Not by the flames on the lists or by somebody who
thinks they know it all. I know Matt has tried to put a team together, but
the people get tired of critizism that is generated and get upset.

A lot of people also need to realize that this is a hobby for more people
than a job. It's meant to be fun, not stressful, that's why a lot of people
are leaving. I know if the stress was away, a lot of people wouldn't of
left. Alex, Zack, and myself would probably still be around.

Everything in this project needs to be useful and friendly to use.

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