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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Jul 12 16:32:24 PDT 2004

On Monday 12 July 2004 06:35 pm, Jeremy Utley wrote:
> <warning>More long notes below</warning>
> I wanted to expand on what Matt has said a little more.  Although
> it's not "official", in many circles I seem to be acknoledged as
> somewhat of a leader in the LFS community myself.  I will not attempt
> to debate the validity of that opinion in this E-mail.  But, as a
> long time member of the LFS community, I believe I can speak from a
> position of authority on this subject.
> The core problem is the LFS community has become fragmented into 2
> different camps.  For want of a better description, I'll use 2
> examples, and please noone take offense at how I describe this!
> 1) The Jeroen/Archaic camp - Slower developement, making sure that
> things are always stable, even if we're not leading the pack in
> incorporating new things
> 2) The BE-LFS camp - Fast development, working with bleeding edge
> (Beta releases, sometimes CVS code).
> This fragmentation is what was supposed to be resolved by the 3-tier
> development model, but the frustration still remains from previous.

It would be a sad thing if indeed it really is fragmentation.  I've been 
watching pretty much from the outskirts of things for a while - I mean 
I haven't really taken a side as you describe them here.  With the two 
attitudes toward development you've got a pretty balanced equation, 
don't you think?  One viewpoint is the fire that keeps the hot air 
balloon aloft, the other the sandbags that keep the balloon from going 
way too high (not the cleanest illustration, but it kinda works ;) ).  
The point is the two viewpoints make a pretty nice balance.  The 
problem lies in what you mentioned below...

> Simply, the community needs to come back together, and work together,
> as a team.  Drop personal agendas, and work for the betterment of LFS
> as a whole.

Some take their personal viewpoints (or others' viewpoints) too 
seriously and respond negatively to ideas that don't mesh with their 
own.  But without all these different viewpoints coming from all 
different places, the quality of LFS would significantly drop. IMHO. 

Jeremy Huntwork

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