My resignation

Johannes Schmidt jsmith6543 at
Mon Jul 12 16:46:57 PDT 2004

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 00:29:43 +0200, Jeroen Coumans 
<jeroen at> wrote:
> Also, I agree that not anybody should be able to become editor (no 
> offense meant to current/past editors), and we should definetely raise 
> the bar and make it harder for people to become an editor. It should be 
> an admirable, respectable and coveted position.

It all started with Greg becoming an editor (after having provided tons of
useful hints and patches) and leaving four(?) months later.

The others who followed went through the same procedure. I wonder why?

It would be shortsighted if you wanted to avoid this situation by stopping
people from becoming editors.

The real reason for the last bunch of people leaving was (as Jeremy already
stated) the two "camps" of stable and unstable and the resulting 
It took too long to form different branches where people felt at home.

It's a pity that so many good people already left and won't probably 

To be honest, I still miss Greg because he regularly updated the LFS book 
package updates, which was based on the current version. I must admit, I am
also closer to the "stable camp". I fear that current stable is orphaned 
testing becomes stable.

And finally, I don't understand how the 3-tier model works. For me, LFS 
on Linux 2.4 and LFS based on Linux 2.6 are different projects. Meaning 
both might have a stable, testing and unstable branch. Not everything that 
to do with Linux 2.4 can be called stable, can it? On the other hand, it 
looks to
me that current testing is more a "6.0 unstable" and unstable a "6.1 

Guys, I strongly recommend giving the different "camps" their playgrounds, 
brings us true stable versions with current package updates -- as well as 
bleeding-edge variant with everything possible (including hotplug, i18n 
and the

Matt, it does not hurt to tell a few people to shut up before everything 
in chaos. Just be friendly while telling the content.

Jeremy, read thoroughly what you've just written yourself.

Jeroen, please stay and keep the scales in balance.

Johannes, shut up. ;-)

Good night.

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