My resignation

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Tue Jul 13 00:51:26 PDT 2004

Johannes Schmidt wrote:

> Jeremy, read thoroughly what you've just written yourself.

Oh believe me, every word I just wrote comes from my heart.  I *LOVE* 
LFS, most of what I know about Linux has come from my involvement with 
this project.  For a long time, I sat on the sidelines, it was only when 
I started up the IRC support channel that I really started becoming 
involved with the project.  Then when the big blow up with Jesse leaving 
the project happened, Gerard asked me to be an editor, as well as 
bugzilla maintainer.  Since that time, I've tried to for the most part 
be the voice of reason, with enthusiasm and a little "In your face" 
attitude mixed in.  I know I'm not the most diplomatic person, and as 
people on IRC well know, I can be a stubborn, tempermental a$$ at 
times.  But anything I do in regard to my editorial duties, I do with 
the express intention of making LFS better.  That's why once I realized 
that hotplug was not ready, I suggested pulling it for 6.0.  I think our 
current set of instructions work well together, it's just a matter of 
working out the last few kinks in the system for release.

And I say it again, I'm willing to work with any one here to try to come 
to a mutual understanding - I've tried to do so in the past, and will 
continue to do so.


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