Testing Branch

jeremy at jutley.org jeremy at jutley.org
Tue Jul 13 04:01:08 PDT 2004

> just a question guys...
> due to a bout of insomnia I've been rebuilding my system about 4:00am
> local and I found something I can't quite understand..
> I realize that the 3-tier system is still pretty new and we are all trying
> to get a grasp on it.
> but how is it that the lfs-testing branch has newer package versions and
> extra packages when compared to the lfs-unstable?  (lfs-bootscripts,
> iproute2, others I haven't noticed yet?) That just seems a little
> backwards to me.  Especially when I realize that edits to the testing
> branch were made on the fly rather than pulled in from unstable.
> Is this just something we will see just until we get the 3 levels working
> or is my sleep deprived brain just not making a solid connection yet?
> Kyle

You're not sleep-deprived :)  The edits were made as last-minute planned
inclusions to testing without working thru unstable first.  These changes
WILL get merged upwards into unstable.


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